Sunday, September 25, 2011

Still here

Its funny I started this and I haven't updated in a month almost :) so silly.

I would post more but... we're just really boring right now. We watch football, play PlayStation, watch movies, and he goes to school literally that's everything we do every day... and I sleep ALOT. We're so close to closing on our house it was supposed to happen tomorrow (sept 26) but since buying a house never seems to go according to plan, or so I hear, we actually don't close until October 7th. I'm getting really excited about the house! I cant wait to have a closet, more than 2 cupboards in the kitchen, not have to brush my teeth in the kitchen sink, not have our bed in our living room, and stop living out of boxes (I was thinking about it the other day and I have been packed since I lived in Provo 7 months ago! Pretty sad) Mostly I'm excited to start decorating and painting and making it ours :)
We've started going to the ward that is in our houses boundaries It reminds me of my home ward except there's a good bishop. Everyone is 60+ with the exception of a few middle aged people and... 4 young couples its also pretty small and they don't have enough people to fill all the callings they have so we're probably going to get some pretty soon. 
sorry no pictures this time, Next time I promise!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

I'm gonna read a book tomorrow...

So we've moved... again. right now we're averaging one move a week here in Arizona. Not a fan. But we LOVE this apartment.

See, here's the thing... We moved here with nowhere to go and didn't think we would be able to find a house for at least 3 months sooooo we signed a 6 month lease in our stinky cockroach apartment and the day after we did that we found the house we want to buy. Great! except we close on the house September 26, then we have to pay rent, a mortgage, and therapy for me because I would loose it. Luckilly for Dallen (and me) I grew up with Paul Voelker as my dad. Ever met him? he tells you how it is, what he's thinking, and doesn't take crap from ANYONE and neither do I! So I did my best talking and got us out of our lease. Now we are here in a new apartment just a few miles away from our soon to be house. This apartment is great. we can move out with a week notice, no smell, free wifi, cable, and no cockroaches... I know, who will I talk to? dallen? (just jokin) Its much better, and the
stress level has gone down tonnnns.

Also, as most of you know today was the first day of BYU football! I'm not the biggest fan, but Dallen is, and usually he has the Olsens to get excited with and watch the games with. But since its just us here I'm really going to make an effort and get excited for the games. taking one for the team as it were ;) Today for example, Dallen got dressed and put on normal clothes, I went in the kitchen (that's where we keep our clothes) put on jeans and my BYU tshirt and said "THIS is how you SHOULD be dressed slacker!" He got crazy, kissed me, and ran to our clothes bin to look for HIS shirt! It was a pretty fun day and BYU won. But it also made me miss the Olsens! Especially when I saw a picture of our niece Penny decked out in HER cougar gear, Christmas cant come quick enough! on the bright side next weekend we are going to Anaheim to cross "see an angel/ yankee game" off my bucket list and I'm so excited!

... The title has nothing to do with this post its just a funny joke dallen just told.