Saturday, May 16, 2015

"It's Hard to Stalk You When You Never Post Anything"

I've been haunted by the words of my friend (thanks Gina) the last couple weeks. It's not that I forget to blog, but obviously A LOT has happened since my last post that it seems daunting and unfair to the incredible things that have happened to just pick up and go most importantly- this guy right here!
Emerson has changed my life exponentially for the better and he lights up my whole world with his sweet smile and sunny disposition. Someday I will post his birth story because it is truly a miracle and deserves to be shouted from the rooftops. But today is not that day.

I also got a new brother (in-law) who is hilarious, smart, hard working, and most importantly loves my sister and makes her so incredibly happy.

We went to San Francisco, Mexico, the Grand Canyon, Texas, Europe, and lots of trips to Anaheim and Utah. Basically we have had an amazing year+ since the last time I blogged

But today I'm blogging about my number 1 guy, Dallen Tade! My very best friend, my partner, my motivator, and who some would consider the most brave and patient man alive to have wanted to marry me.
This week he graduated from ASU and I have been doing a lot of reflecting. When we decided to get married I knew he wanted to move to Arizona, what I didn't know was what that really meant or how hard it would be. We moved here in the dead middle of August with no home, no jobs, no money, no family or friends. All we had was each other and everything we could fit into our two cars and we did it all for the hope that we would make it to today.
We didn't even own a bed until we had been married almost a year. We have moved 5 times, had 5 cars and 1 motorcycle, 7 jobs *there was a time when I had 3 at once*, made lots of friends, lost lots of friends, been told we couldn't have a baby, had a baby, genuinely hated each other, but mostly loved, and countless other ups and downs that would fill up more memory than the internet can hold. When I think about it all, I almost cant believe it's real and it happened to us.
           Literally our whole life together has been spent, dreaming, working, and sacrificing for this moment.

 So... Now what?
Now we wait in limbo for "real life" to begin. We pray, we love, we be so very happy we reached this huge milestone, and we hope for the right job to come along then we work towards new goals. I love Dallen, our son, our life together and I can't wait for the next adventure