Sunday, May 13, 2012

my most amazing mother(s)

This is my mom. 
                                                                       Isn't she beautiful?!
In my life I have had the privilege of knowing so many great women. She is by far the best, I haven't always felt that way and its taken me a couple of years of being on my own to appreciate how wonderful she is. But boy do I know it now. I call her all the time for advice or just to talk and I love every phone call. She has become one of my best friends, I respect her more than anyone for putting up with me through the many years I was more than a pain in the A. For loving me every time I need her, for kicking my butt, for teaching me the value of hard work, letting me make my own choices even when I know it was hard for her to just sit back and watch. For always teaching me.
I love my mom, and I hope someday I'm even half the woman she is.

that being said.

being the young woman I was and still kind of am... it took not one amazing mom but 3 to shape me into the vision of perfection you know and love today ;)

One to just love and listen. One to be my forever mother. And one to tell me like it is and kick me into shape. They are all truly amazing women and mothers day was made for them.

now that I'm married I have another mother, and I love her because she raised my husband and taught him how to be a man who respects and loves all women but especially me.

and of course...
my sisters. duh.

happy  mothers day to ALLLLLL of the mothers in my life. 

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