Thursday, October 18, 2012

a shameful yet hopeful post without pictures about a young married girl with a boring life but that you should still read... if you so choose.

Its been quite sometime since I have blogged and I will tell you why.
We've been stuck in a rut! our first 2 years of marriage seem to be much harder than I could have ever anticipated. Still wonderful, still love Dallen more than anything and my love for him increases every day, But we have definitely had many trials in our short time together mix that with me working 2 jobs and him going to school and working full time and only seeing each other every couple days for a few hours at night you get two frustrated, sleep deprived, most times a little depressed, hard working, relatively unhealthy adults! NO bueno.

So last night while lying awake in bed (Dallen fast asleep taking up most of it! mind you we only have a full size bed!) I decided a few things.
1. we need a bigger bed.
2. things need to change

Even though I do work almost everyday, I only work maybe 5 hours a day and the rest of the day I do absolutely NOTHING but sleep, watch tv, and eat and justify my laziness with "I work tomorrow so I need to relax the rest of the day" which is not true. Its lazy, and my body is starting to see some effects, which I do not like at all. I take long naps during the day which means I don't sleep well at night and often make up for it by sleeping until 12 then coming home from work and taking a 4 hour "nap"

so the first change I'm making is this:

Dallen also reminds me every once in a while (I think he would do it more often if he wasn't so nice to me) that I have no hobbies or anything that I am passionate about. Which is true, I've always been a hard worker and other than high school sports never cared to find something I really loved doing, and I really struggle with finding something I can really love doing as much as D loves BYU football ;)

the second change:

since our schedules are busy we don't eat at home together, which leaves D eating taco bell every day, and I'm never motivated enough to make myself anything at home so we are both often groggy and have no energy.

the third change:

Lastly, I regret to say that our home is not centered around the Lord. Sadly our spiritual needs are only met for a few hours on Sunday and some weeks even that doesn't happen. This is my biggest change, I know the Lord loves us and has blessed us in many ways, and I know that the church is true and have seen it work miracles in my life. I've never read the Book of Mormon. So each day when I wake up early that's what I'm going to start doing.

the fourth change:

So for the next 30 days I'm going to try doing things a little differently. I hope I will see a big change in our lives and can make our home healthier and happier, I'm also going to start exercising everyday! Since I'm a notorious quitter and never finish anything I start I'm blogging about it so if anyone actually does read this you can feel free to shoot me a reminder every once in a while I'm also going to keep a chart of my progress maybe that will be my first step for finding something to keep me busy, make a cute progress chart! oh, I'm so excited!

so, that being said... here goes day 1

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  1. You're starting out on the right foot! Good luck, and keep it up! There might be setbacks. No one's perfect. Maybe you'll be the exception, but maybe you'll just need to stand back up and start again. Just don't give up!